First thing to know about me: I have never eaten fois gras.  That should say a lot given the fact that I am attempting to write a food blog.  Here is the deal, I’ve always loved writing and food (not in that order) and when I was a delicate pre-teen, I thought I was destined to be a pastry chef.  Truth be told, I simply loved stuffing my face and watching glorious cakes being baked and iced in front of me so that I could drool in front of the TV.  The years go on and I find myself, somehow, getting this dream freelance writing gig that centers on fashion – not my passion, but it was a paycheck – a great paycheck.  And hey, I wasn’t all too bad at gabbing about what was “so in for Spring,” or “fab.”  Well, the state of the economy had it’s way with the man cutting the checks for my fantastic writing capabilities and I was canned.  So, there I was, wanting to write, not knowing what to say.  Fast forward about a year and I am discussing with co-workers (almost to myself) this wonderful panzanella salad that I whipped up with some crap I had in my cupboard and how amazing it turned out all becasue I happened to catch an episode of Chefography featuring Tyler Florence.  After somewhat taking in my culinary feat, a co-worker replied, “good Lord, I knew you were into food but this is ridiculous!”  And abruptly walked away.  This is when I realized, perhaps everyone does not care to know about the deliciousness that was this salad, or even appreciate food and cooking for what they truly are.  I started to realize that every free minute I had was consumed with food thoughts.  A free five minutes at my desk, I am seeking out a fantastic dinner recipe; A free weekend, I am looking for cooking class retreats in my area; A kid-free evening in, I am watching Food Network.  Heck, even folding laundry, I am watching Food Network.  So anyway, this is the point.  I am no food snob.  I have been known to buy jarred sauce because yeah, I am a mom and yeah, I work.  Does that mean I can’t appreciate a homemade sauce?  Not so much.  And sweetbreads?  Never had them but I love watching them being prepared on Top Chef and would taste them in a second.  It’s simple: I love food and all things having to do with food.  I am no critic, not a chef and certainly no Martha but I do know that I need to talk to someone about all of this foodie-ism I’ve got going on before all of the non-foodies in my life disown me out of sheer irritation.

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