When I got a call early Tuesday morning from my child care provider saying that both of her school-age children had come home from school Monday with a fever, I knew I would not be taking my son to her that day.  When I got a call from her mid-Tuesday to say that it was believed that they both had contracted the h1n1 virus, I started calling in the favors. I was not particularly comfy with him being there at all this week so I needed to arrange some back-up babysitting.  All in all, I was pretty successful, with the exception of today.  Today, there was no one who could help me out so I decided one days’ worth of work could wait and took the day off to help avoid the possibility of my son contracting the illness.

We have a Harvest Party to go to tomorrow and I have volunteered to bring a pumpkin roll along.  I use Libby’s recipe for the pumpkin roll and it is always a hit.  I always use the nuts (usually extra) and be sure to use the combination of spices in lieu of the pumpkin pie spice. It really does make a difference.  It is also my twin nieces and a nephew’s birthday this weekend so I will be making a double-layer chocolate fudge Halloween themed cake for the youngsters.  I am especially pumped up about making this one because the little guy will get a kick out of decorating with gummy bats, mummies and zombies along with Halloween sprinkles and the like.  I plan on getting this kitchen very, very messy today!

Lastly, we have a pumpkin pie.  Here’s the story: In telling the hubsters that I would be staying home with the little guy and baking up a storm, he had asked what we would be baking.  Once I told him, that little light bulb went off in his head.  He knew I had to buy pumpkin puree and remembered the last time that I made it, there was extra pumpkin.  Pumpkin pie is by far and away his favorite dessert (I have made it a couple of times in May for his birthday!).  So his genius plan is for me to by the larger can of puree so that I have enough to make both the pie and the roll.  And hey, I have the day off, so it can easily be done!  I use Libby’s recipe for this as well. Figure they are the pumpkin people, so I should trust them. I did see an awesome recipe recently in Bon Appetit, but I’ll have to save that for another day when the craving is not for traditional pumpkin pie.

So not only will I be hard at work concocting three tasty desserts but I will be doing so with the assistance of a 2 yr. old kid who loves to stir, dump, mix….and throw things.  Should be fun.  Wish me luck!  I am thankful to spend the day with him when I would normally be away from him but hopefully, all will return to normal next week!